I have no issues recruiting minions to do my dirty work.

Over the weekend, I attended a pool party for the blokes youngest. Of course, I ended up in the pool, because inflatables and floats are so much fun.

Amongst the inflatables were a load of balls. I proceeded to amuse myself throwing these at the bloke. Sadly, my aim is poor. Really, I was getting totally trounced in the floating ball battle, so I opted to take decisive action around the time he threw one that hit me right in the face.

I realised I needed an army. Given only our small party was in the pool, this was actually quite simple. I handed my stash of balls to the small group of children and suggested they needed to start throwing them at the bloke, because it would be funny. This worked perfectly, since they were all better at this aiming and throwing malarkey.

I think it was up to half an hour later when they got bored of this. Still, that was half an hour in which I was highly amused at what I had wrought. And then I got dunked a few times after, which I guess was fair, since I had recruited minions to do my dirty work.

I regret nothing. šŸ˜€

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