The consequences of exercise.

It was pointed out to me last night by a friend that I have been neglectful of my blog, and I needed to sort that out. Of course, she was right. She usually is!

So, a lot has been going on for me – new job, new prospects. It’s all been very exciting, and I do have plenty of blog fodder! The main thing is making the time to get it all written down. My most immediate blog fodder for now, though, is the self inflicted pain I have lived with today.

I have found myself working once again with a former colleague who is currently training for a marathon. Which means lunch time jogging. I’ve been off the exercise bandwagon for a short while now, so I decided that yesterday lunch time would be the perfect time to get in on this exercise malarkey again. Exercise is good, after all!

Me being me, I opted to not consider the consequences of going from sedentiary to an hour long five mile jog. On one hand, I should probably be pleased that I managed it with only 10 minutes of walking. That said, I had an awful night sleep due to the pain in my legs and hips.

It took me longer to get ready for work due to the difficulty I had in standing up, putting on jeans, putting on socks, shoes, etc. If I don’t move enough in a 10 minute timeframe, I feel like the lower half of my body has seized up. Going from standing to sitting, or vice versa, is sheer agony.

I have spent most of today walking like a duck.

The lesson here is probably that exercise is bad. I’ll need to practice this jogging thing more next week when the pain has gone away. Until then, I’ll probably see if I can convince the bloke to learn how to do sports massage.

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