Exercise vs Sleep

I recently purchased a Microsoft Band, as a way to track my new found lunch time activity of running. And to be part of the techno ‘in’ crowd at the office.

I love anything that allows me to chart progression and see pretty graphs.

Anyway, I’m quite enjoying it so far – it tracks all sorts of interesting things, prompts me to get up and get moving if I’m stationary for too long, the quality of my sleep, etc.

Because I have a Windows phone, I can pretty much get the most out the band also. I have it all hooked up to the Microsoft Health app, which gives me access to more detailed statistics about myself if I go through the Dashboard online.

I just wanted to share my main observation of the day from this (because no doubt I’ll have other observations to share when I’ve been wearing it longer). Here’s a screen shot of my average calorie burn since I’ve been wearing my band.


My take on this – I burn more calories sleeping than I do actually exercising. Why am I torturing myself, getting all sweaty and achy when I could be burning more just sleeping?

I am possibly kind of sneeped about all this. I could take this to mark the beginning of a new golden age of lots of sleep for me, though. That is what the data is telling me to do, after all.

Think I’ll be sleeping on this while I figure out what this means.

5 thoughts on “Exercise vs Sleep

  1. That’s funny! I have a Fitbit, but I was getting a little obsessive with it, so I’m taking a break right now.
    So glad to meet another Windows phone user! I was beginning to think I was the only one!

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      1. I like mine too! I can’t figure out what people have against them. Recently we were in a phone store and when I mentioned mine was Windows, he said, “You’re kidding! You’re the first person I met who has one!” Seriously? They even sold the phones, and I’m the first one he met?
        Mine is just a sleek black. It goes with everything. 🙂


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