The adulting got real.

Over the weekend just gone, I decided to check on how far away I was from one of my long term goals – house ownership.

Well, imagine my surprise when the internet mortgage checker came back with actual mortgages!

I thought I was still about 5 years away from this. I was actually ready for another 5 years of not going on the holidays I wanted to go on. Another 5 years of not going out with friends, just so I could squirrel away more cash into my deposit fund, all while watching house prices continue to creep upwards.

I didn’t quite believe it, so I opted to talk to an actual real life mortgage advisor today. I was honestly half expecting to get laughed out of his office. But he actually came back with better news – he could get me a better deal than the one I found online.

I will be a home owner by the end of the year. I don’t think it’s actually quite sunk in yet.

I’ll be spending the next few weeks actually house hunting. That sounds so adult, it’s scary. I feel I can mitigate this by decorating my future home with a My Little Pony theme though, so it’s all good! I’ve yet to break out in a sudden rash of responsibility (I keep checking).

So, I’m very excited at the moment. My main long term goal is about to become a reality. I guess I should figure out what my next thing to work towards should be. I’m thinking world domination. 😀

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