Keeping my priorities in order.

I’ve talked before about how my mobile phone of choice is a Windows Phone.

I have no real problems with it. It serves its function well. In recent days, however, I have been seriously considering upgrading it to an android device. I’ve created a list to aid in this decision making process:

Why I should keep my windows phone:

  • It does everything I need it to do.
  • I have data from some apps on it.
  • It works perfectly with my Microsoft Band.
  • I’ve almost finished paying off my device plan for it.
  • Buying a house is expensive. I don’t really need another large bill – especially with my car currently making expensive sounding noises.

Why I should get an android phone:

  • I really want to play Pokemon Go.

So in summary, I think I know what will end up happening here. I’m going to be getting an android phone. Because adulting is obviously about having your priorities in order.

2 thoughts on “Keeping my priorities in order.

  1. Too funny! I did a post today on Pokemon, mostly about watching my daughter as she plays.
    I was half thinking of joining her, but the first thing that popped in my head was, “it’s probably not available for Windows.” 😟


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