Month: October 2016


Today I found my first grey hair.

Does this mean I’m an adult now?

I’m actually quite traumatised by this. I’m only *21! I am far too young for this kind of shenanigans.

Why has this happened? Do I need to start dying my hair? Maybe I’ll just get it highlighted, and embrace the impending greyness.

* …with 12 years experience.

The ‘I moved in!’ post

Welp, I’m all moved in to the new house, just about!

Of course, with any move, there will be teething problems.

There is a strange damp dog smell in the living room. The outside astro turf is also similarly affected.

My settee is the wrong shaped ‘L’ for my living room.

My cooker, which was supposed to be delivered today, was damaged in transit, and is now out of stock. Thankfully, the nice company have allowed me to upgrade to another model for no extra cost, so I can actually (hopefully) start cooking properly on Saturday.

The previous owners haven’t put a stop on their phoneline/internet until the 11th November, so I am currently enjoying broadband that I’m not paying for.

I turned on a switch in the airing cupboard 3 nights ago, thinking it was the boiler. Turns out I’ve been kept awake at night by the extractor fan in there, as the boiler switch is with the boiler in the attic. Oops.

I have 3 keys that I *still* have yet to find the locks for.

Of course, the above are just annoyances, and can be easily fixed. There is good!

The previous owners obviously threw serious money at the bathroom and kitchen – so the most expensive rooms are fully modernised, and I can have a good go at fully decorating all the other rooms in the house. Yeay!

I have loads of space, at last. And it is such an awesome feeling to know that I can just do what I want in terms of decorating and such. No need to phone a landlord and ask permission. The freedom is amazing!

There is a lovely little pub around the corner, who do pretty decent food.

My commute to work has been vastly shortened – from next week, I am a mere 2.5 miles away from the office.

I’m all moved in, and life is pretty darn awesome!

The cost of a roof.

In preparation for moving house, I’ve started getting all my financials in order. As part of this, I’ve been updating my spendings spread sheet. For people who’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll already know that I keep this updated to a rather detailed level.

I’ve been keeping my spreadsheet since March 2009. According to my spreadsheet, I have spent £60,158 on rent alone. The actual *real* figure for how much money I have spent on rent is actually higher, since I had been living in rented accommodation for a number of years before I started tracking my spending on a spreadsheet.

£60,158. That doesn’t include household bills, car bills, food, etc. That is literally the cost of keeping just a roof over my head since 2009. It stings a little more when I think of rent payments as ‘dead money’, since it wasn’t going towards buying a place of my own, or towards paying off some kind of debt or saving.

Granted, I live in an expensive part of the country. I also made a choice to live on my own for some of the last 7 years, which will always be a more expensive than renting a room in a house.

That said – rental costs are only getting higher. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to now be in a position where I can actually throw money at a mortgage. In the years leading up to this point, I remember the feeling of helplessness as I watched houses only become more expensive and seemingly out of reach.

It is thanks to a mixture of hard work, good fortune, and all too sensible decisions that have gotten me to this point. I can’t help but feel slightly sneeped when I look at that £60,158 sum and think that would look much nicer put against a mortgage payment. Or a deposit.

There have been many news articles that cover this kind of thing in recent years, so I have little new to add to it. House ownership is becoming an unachievable dream for all too many – in a country where house ownership is seen as a thing that should be something that happens when you reach adulthood.

There’s no easy fix. But house ownership is not exactly the badge of adulthood that it was once considered – instead, it’s becoming more of a badge of good fortune. There’s something pretty broken about that, in my eyes.

House ownership, at last!

It’s finally happened! Contracts have been exchanged. I have brought a house. I don’t get my keys for another week, but still – I have officially brought a house.

House ownership has begun.

I can decorate my house pink, with unicorns. I can replace the stairs with a slide. I can have a ball pit in the bathroom. And no one can stop me.

Not to say I *will* do any of these things, of course, but they are now an option.

Whose bright idea was it to let me be responsible for an entire house? I still don’t have that adulting thing down yet, and I probably never will. I’m obviously faking it pretty well!


Expect in the not too distant future a possible glut of house related postings here. I am on the cusp of finally being in full control of my own environment – and it feels pretty awesome.