House ownership, at last!

It’s finally happened! Contracts have been exchanged. I have brought a house. I don’t get my keys for another week, but still – I have officially brought a house.

House ownership has begun.

I can decorate my house pink, with unicorns. I can replace the stairs with a slide. I can have a ball pit in the bathroom. And no one can stop me.

Not to say I *will* do any of these things, of course, but they are now an option.

Whose bright idea was it to let me be responsible for an entire house? I still don’t have that adulting thing down yet, and I probably never will. I’m obviously faking it pretty well!


Expect in the not too distant future a possible glut of house related postings here. I am on the cusp of finally being in full control of my own environment – and it feels pretty awesome.

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