Wicksy Paints By Numbers


It’s been a while, I know. I generally blog about things that are on my mind, and the last few months have been somewhat turbulent with things I don’t really want to share online for various reasons.

But new year, new thoughts! (Happy new year, everyone!)

I put a paint by numbers kit on my Amazon wish list, and my Mother delivered for Christmas. I’ve wanted to try my hand at painting for a while (I’ve already tried my hand at drawing – here’s my deviant art page, for the curious), but the cost of the materials was somewhat off-putting. Painting by numbers strikes me as the perfect way to see if I can do it in a cheaper way before really diving in.

As you can see, I have opted to paint a giant fairy cat sitting on a moon. Because – why not? When it’s complete, it will have pride of place somewhere in my house, where guests will be forced to politely mention how unique it is. Here’s a close up of what we’re aiming for:


I’ve opted to do one number a session in order to share my progress as this disaster unfolds.

So, today was brought to you by the number 1. Which is a pale egg shell blue,
so may not show up that amazingly.


Lessons learnt from Number 1 paint:

  • I do not have a steady hand (though I already knew this).
  • This took about an hour. This is going to take a while – there are 21 colours in total.
  • I should work on my photography skills.

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