Wicksy Paints by Numbers – Day 19

3 days to go, and we’re getting darker! This one took barely any time at all – there’s not as much dark blue on this picture as I initially thought!


Things I’ve learnt today:

  • 3 days until my butterflies take wing 😀

2 thoughts on “Wicksy Paints by Numbers – Day 19

  1. It’s amazing how much difference the stronger colours make. At first I thought the camera / my phone was giving an artificial pink tint to the picture (almost like a pinky monochrome) whereas once the other colours were added it brought it to life more. The little kitten nose is my fave bit! I started one of these several years back and never got beyond the second colour!

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    1. Right there with you! After the first few really light colours, I was a bit disappointed – but the darker colours really do start to complete it 🙂 It’s definitely gotten me thinking about how to get into painting without the help of numbers to!


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