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Book review: Gone by Michael Grant

I picked up the first three books in the ‘Gone‘ series by Michael Grant recently. I’m almost through the third book, ‘Lies‘, and I’ll have to pick up the next three as soon as I can.

So, a brief synopsis – every human age 15 and older vanishes. The town and surrounding areas become encased within an impenetrable energy barrier, and the children start to develop supernatural powers.

On one hand, that synopsis alone almost screams that this is a mixture of Under the Dome, X-Men and Lord of the Flies. Which is probably exactly why this series appealed to me in the first place, since I thoroughly enjoy all those. It’s aimed at a young adult audience, and I can’t put this series down. I *love* when that happens!

I won’t add any spoilers here, as I’d hate to ruin any of the major plot points. As mentioned above, this series – while somewhat derivative and predictable in places – does manage to capture you in a way that few books can. I’d highly recommend it. Although if violence creeps you out, you should probably avoid it.