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My Nephew the Ninja

For the first part of the just gone holidays, I was visiting my family.

This is when I realised that my 3 year old nephew is actually a Ninja.

I was upstairs when my sister arrived with my niece and nephew. My father was in the kitchen, finishing off the cooking part of dinner.

I came downstairs, and wondered where my nephew was. My sister and niece were in the front room. I wandered into the living room, and saw nothing. I asked where nephew had gone, as I knew at this point that he was not upstairs, in the kitchen, or front room.

My sister and I wandered into the living room. I checked under tables, behind curtains, and there was no sign. After about a minute of my sister looking more worried, we saw a cushion on the settee move.

Nephew had opted to run in and immediately hide under all the large cushions. If he hadn’t moved, we would not have had a clue.

It was pretty awesome. He will be a fine ninja one day! And I could learn a thing or two from him about hide and seek. He’s going to be a master. I’d feel sorry for my sister if I wasn’t so amused.