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3 times a computer game got me right in the feels.

Some computer games have a way of spinning the story in a way that sometimes really hits you. Here are my top 3.

  1. When Alys died in Phantasy Star 4. She was too cool for that to happen.
  2. Coming across the sewage works that had been converted into a settlement in The Last of Us. As you go through the area and find a small room behind a locked door, with 2 small skeletons and one large one. Next to the larger skeleton is a shotgun and a note. Turns out someone left the door open, and the zombies got in. The note mentions that the writer had saved 3 bullets.
  3. Fallout 4. In a rangers shack close to Sanctuary, you can find a diary next to a body. It’s a girl who was kicked out by her parents for being pregnant right before the bombs fell.
  • For those wondering why I haven’t listed Aeris dying in Final Fantasy 7, it’s because I was more annoyed than saddened. I’d gotten her final limit break, and she gets herself stabbed. Hmph!

Fallout 4: My NPCs are hiding from me.

In a previous post, I mentioned that in Fallout 4, there was a pack brahmin stuck on the roof in Sanctuary. Well, it looks like it escaped. Or at least, replaced.

Fallout 4_20160121183539
The roof is the place to hang out.

Seems that the Vault Tec Rep and Preston Garvey are enjoying some chill out time there these days.

I have no idea what it is about this house that is causing this glitch. That said, I did actually need to talk to Preston about one of his never ending quests, so I had to get building:

Fallout 4_20160121183738
Stairway to Heaven. Or something.

I’m of two minds about keeping the stairs there. If Preston continues to be annoying, next time he gets stuck on the roof, maybe he should stay there.

Question prompted by Fallout 4

Why has no one bothered to clean up the skeletons?

They’ve obviously been there a while. I guess the inhabitants of Fallout world are very lazy.

Seriously, these skeletons have been around long enough that the radiation is making them rather active. I made a video of it here (and a Little Wicksy youtube channel especially!).

Someone should get on to this shenanigans. It’s unhygienic.

Fallout 4 got dogs right.

Well, right-ish.

I’ve yet to use a companion other than Dogmeat (a dog companion) for my forays into the wasteland. I’ll probably encounter similar behaviour off them when I start using them for what I assume will be a greater carrying capacity.

Anyways, from having once had pet dogs, and allowing Dogmeat to accompany me on my travels, I realised just how much in common with the real thing Dogmeat has:

  • About to loot something? Nope, Dogmeat is right there, demanding attention!
  • You will never go down stairs without Dogmeat being in your way. And then refusing to move.
  • Barks at the most inappropriate times.
  • Is unable to find loot that is right under his nose.
  • Runs off to play elsewhere at random. Usually when you want him.

Good work, Bethesda!

Fallout 4: On the Moove.

Yup, another Fallout 4 post. Guess what I’m spending my free time on?

So, I’ve been wandering around Sanctuary a lot, as I have made it my main base of operations. Trashcan Carla (a vendor) occasionally comes to visit, with her pack brahmin. For those not in the know, brahmin are basically 2 headed cows. They moo a lot.

Fast forward some gameplay, and Trashcan Carla has wandered off elsewhere. But I can still hear the incessant mooing of a brahmin. It was doing my head in, so I spent about 10 minutes trying to find the thing so I could just get rid of it.

Here’s a question – in these games, how often do you look up?

Fallout 4_20160111203031
It failed to jump over the moon.

That would be a pack brahmin on the roof of the workshop in Sanctuary. I love bugs like these. I didn’t have the heart to kill it. It’s still there on subsequent reloads. I am now accustomed to the incessant mooing in Sanctuary. I would miss it if it wasn’t there.

Things I’ve done in Fallout 4

Following the main story is for wimps. Here is what I’ve been up to since I started playing yesterday:

  • Started making settlements. Everywhere I can.
  • Using said settlements, I have started my purified water empire.
  • Cooking all the things.
  • I found a legendary rolling pin off a legendary enemy. This is now being upgraded and will be my main melee weapon.
  • I upset Codsworth a lot by feeding up the granny with loads of drugs.

Main story line? What main story line? I’m level 10, and I’ve only advanced it so far as arriving at Diamond City. So long, life!