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Morning Coffee

I was woken up this morning by the bloke bringing me coffee in bed.

This has never happened before. I suspect that his reasoning was that he needed me to get up to let him out of the car park (the car park entrance is secured by a remote key), and the safest way to wake me up is by providing a suitable caffeinated offering. He is a wise man.

There are worse ways to be woken up at silly o clock on a weekend morning. This small gesture has also set me up for being in a good mood for the day, inspite of the early hour. Which I guess is probably the whole point of the post – such little things can be so awesome, and cost so little. I’d like to say that I’ll try harder, but really – a small thing like coffee in bed costs very little in terms of time or effort. So, I guess I’ll try and go forward by being more mindful that the little things can make someones day, and just make sure that I take the few seconds required to act on that.

Best office present ever.

My mug. My mug. My lovely pony mug. *ahem*.

This was a gift from a former co-worker for one of those much dreaded office secret santa events. I have been assured that creating this gift broke his Amazon recommendations for a while. Ah well.

Photo0018 Photo0019

The reason this mug deserves mention (other than being awesome, that is), is that it’s been a great conversation starter at my new place of work. I only recently moved jobs, to a very large company. Navigating ‘new girl in the office-itis’ can be scary territory. This mug has started more conversations with people I don’t know than any innocuous comment about the weather could.

So, shout out here – cheers, Mr Secret Santa! You gave me a great networking tool, as well as a sensibly sized receptacle to power my Caffiene Driven Development.