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Teslagrad – Review

I’m a big fan of indie games – this is made easier by finding good ones on the Playstation Store for relatively cheap.

One of the ones that came up as free on the store was Teslagrad. This is a 2D platform puzzler that (for me, at least) hails back to the good old days of platformers like Jet Set Willy.

So, on to my review.

Pretty gravity flowers!
Pretty gravity flowers!

The artwork is pretty. You play as a young boy escaping some barbarian hordes, as you journey through castle grounds. The trophies are found in awkward places, which is where a lot of the main puzzle element seems to come in to it.

You pick up some items that help you along the way – some gloves, that will let you charge up certain elements of the environment – these will subsequently allow you to move platforms, charge up bugs, etc. You also pick up some boots that allow for a limited teleport.

Teslagrad gives a nice mix of reflex play, along with puzzle solving. Some of these are hard. I’m having a great time with it (though I have yet to get all the trophies, which are found in the form of scrolls). You get little plays shown to you, which explain what has been going on. That said, the replay value is only there as long as you have yet to find all the trophies.

If you’re looking for something to fill the gaps between the more A list titles, this is a great little game – providing you have the patience to keep trying some of the trickier and speedier puzzles. You will get that ever chased after feeling of satisfaction after completing a complicated area. Even better – if you’re a Playstation plus subscriber, odds are you got this from the free monthly offering in September!

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – Final thoughts

I’m writing this as I watch the ending credits for Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. I figured I should write this now, before I chat to my Dad and have my own thoughts corrupted on how this game ended.

First off – mini review time! Spoilers lie ahead.

This game is pretty much a walking simulator. Little action happens, but that does not stop it being interesting. Also, it’s a very pretty game.

Overall, you are hunting around for bits of dialogue concerning some of the inhabitants of the village. You start off with Jeremy, the vicar, followed by Wendy, Frank, Lizzie, Stephen and finally, Kate.

I won’t go into full details here to avoid too many spoilers. Stephen and Lizzy both struck me as quite immoral – Stephen in particular. He is married to Kate, but is having an affair with Lizzy (who is also married). That said, Kate ended up being somewhat crazy at the end, though I’m beginning to think that the ending showed her fully taken over by the entity that had ‘disappeared’ the entire village. Wendy was something of an interfering busy body. Frank and Jeremy were probably my favourites to follow around. They seemed to actually care about the people around them, which gives them points in my book.

The most interesting characters to me though, were those who appeared in the various dialogues. Rachel was heartbreaking – a 16 year old girl who just wanted to get out of the village and see the world. Dr Wade, tirelessly wandering around trying to cure people of the ‘flu’.

There is no happy ending in this game. And it brings about the question – if unknowingly, you were living the last day of your life, how would an observer see your actions if only viewed through small snapshots like this? Maybe I judge some of the characters unfairly on the limited amount of information given. We are presented with interesting moral aspects though. The vicar who euthanised Franks wife. Frank, admitting he was too afraid to be with his wife in her last few moments, who hid down the pub instead. Wendy, encouraging her son to have an extra marital affair, but is later seen helping someone overcome a PTSD episode. Kate, who is so enamoured of an experiment that she made no effort to halt it when it became obvious that people were dying as a result.

There is so much more I could write about this game, but this is in danger of turning into an essay as it is. I may make another post when I’ve had more time to think about it.

Pet theory on what I think has gone on here – a lonely alien kidnapped itself some friends. Although spontaneous combustion is hinted at due to infection, I do think that the entity took the people before the nerve gas got them. I may well be wrong, and will probably have a different view on the matter once I start googling this and talking to people about it.

Overall, an entertaining and interesting game, but I’m not sure I’ll be playing it again – the replay value is incredibly low. Definitely worth playing (or walking through) at least once.

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture™_20150919162047
Pretty waterfall!