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Last Years Disappointment

One thing I have been waiting for – ever since I first saw the Red Dwarf episode ‘Better Than Life’ – is Virtual Reality gaming. To give some scope of how long I have wanted this, that is well over half of my life.

In recent years, as technology starts to slowly poke at this, I have had to open myself to being disappointed. Not because the technology is lacking, but because I am physically not suited to it.

The first hint of this I got was the advent of 3D cinema. After about 10 minutes of attempting to watch anything in 3D, I develop a splitting headache, which all too soon becomes that pit of despair known as a migraine.

I figured that I was just unlucky, it was only cinema, and still held a vague hope that I could be alright when the shiny VR stuff becomes more widely available.

Then I got to play with an actual VR headset at a technology museum. It was a roller coaster simulator. I lasted about 3 minutes before my motion sickness became too much to ignore, and I was left feeling nauseous for about half an hour afterwards. I told myself that the technology isn’t all that developed yet, so I could still have hope that future offerings would work some magic that would mean I would not get motion sick.

As you can probably guess, that hasn’t happened. My Dad got the PS4 VR headset offering. I was nervous about giving it a go, but excited all the same. I had a play of a deep sea adventure.

It was stunning. It was thoroughly immersing. Incredible. And I could only take it for about 15 minutes  before the motion sickness started creeping up on me and I developed a splitting headache. I lasted longer than my previous attempt at a VR headset, but 15 minutes is not enough gaming time to fully experience what VR will offer in the future.

Gutted does not even cover how I feel about this. Given some of the issues surrounding the VR world, I can hope that in the years to come this can yet be solved. I know I’m not the only gamer who has encountered this. At the same time, I am now feeling a very genuine fear that I am about to be locked out of a future generation of gaming because I never grew out of my motion sickness (as I was assured by countless adults when I was a child that I would), and my head is prone to attempting to split open when a screen is in my face.

As first world problems go, this is fairly minor. But gaming has been a huge part of my life as long as I can remember – coming to the realisation that I may have to miss out in the future is unsettling and incredibly disappointing. Going forward, I’ll just have to keep hoping that these issues get solved by the people making the hardware, and console myself with the likes of Minecraft and Dark Souls.

Fallout 4: Hangman’s Alley

As part of my on-going project to prettify all the settlements in Fallout 4, I’ve just recently created a video showcasing my interpretation of Hangman’s Alley.

Check out the video here!

This settlement is so far one of my favourites, though it does have its niggles. That said, I re-did this settlement a number of times to get it to a point I was happy with, and I’m pleased to show off the results.

I hope you all enjoy watching!

Fallout 4: Jamaica Plain

First off, my apologies for the lack of posting over the last couple of days. I just really had nothing interesting to write. Work has been busy, and life has been drama free.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy and created another settlement video for my channel. You can check it out here.

There is something very satisfying about building up the settlements in Fallout 4. I’ve been neglecting many of the main quests just because I’ve blown my gaming time on trying to get a shack base perfectly placed. Since it was time enjoyed though, I’m not really sure that it’s time wasted.

My ultimate aim is to get each and every settlement in the game fully refurbished. I’ll be posting up a new video once a week, so please do check it out!

Fallout 4: Taffington Boathouse. Also, my first gaming video.

My apologies for lack of posting yesterday – I was distracted by making a settlement look awesome in Fallout 4, and never got around to making a post. Ooops.

Anyway, today I finally figured out how to make record audio through my Playstation, and actually got around to making a video show casing one of my settlements in Fallout 4 – in this case, Taffington Boathouse.

Go easy on me – this is my first attempt at a youtube video. I have vague plans to try and make a bit of a channel that is associated with this blog, just to see where it goes.

Anyways – here’s the link to my first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_hzzXITvKU. I hope you enjoy watching it, as it took me a couple of attempts. My first attempt, the audio was too low, so it got deleted right after the upload. Annoyingly, it had sounded alright played through my television, but the upload process seems to lower the volume significantly.

I will not admit to the amount of time it took for me to set up Taffington Boathouse in this way. I like to at least pretend I have a life.

Fallout 4: Shenanigans at The Shamrock Taphouse

I can imagine that living in a post apocalyptic wasteland is tough. That said, it is apparent that the residents still find time for drunken shenanigans:

Fallout 4_20160202164458
Just what you’ll find in any self respecting pub toilets, I imagine.

This amused me greatly. But can someone please explain the plastic flamingo thing to me? It’s not that big a thing on this side of the pond, but I often see them referenced in American media.

The belated Christmas present

For Christmas, my Dad wasn’t really too sure what he wanted. So, we decided that I would get him some computer game in the new year, once he was sure which one he wanted to play when he’s done with Fallout 4.

Some time at the beginning of January, he mentioned that Farcry 4 was the game he would like.

So, every week since then, I’ve been in Tesco looking for a copy of this game. Every single week they have been out of stock. 3 weeks out of stock! I appreciate it didn’t get amazing reviews across the board, but it’s still in their games chart.

The shiny out of stock label was also on a few other titles, and has been for the last few weeks as well. It’s getting to the point where I’m wondering why Tesco even list games that aren’t in the top 5, since anything charting below this seems to be permanently out of stock.

Looks like I’ll be buying this online and getting it sent to his work. Sorry Dad – I’ll get you your Christmas present *some* time before December, promise!

3 times a computer game got me right in the feels.

Some computer games have a way of spinning the story in a way that sometimes really hits you. Here are my top 3.

  1. When Alys died in Phantasy Star 4. She was too cool for that to happen.
  2. Coming across the sewage works that had been converted into a settlement in The Last of Us. As you go through the area and find a small room behind a locked door, with 2 small skeletons and one large one. Next to the larger skeleton is a shotgun and a note. Turns out someone left the door open, and the zombies got in. The note mentions that the writer had saved 3 bullets.
  3. Fallout 4. In a rangers shack close to Sanctuary, you can find a diary next to a body. It’s a girl who was kicked out by her parents for being pregnant right before the bombs fell.
  • For those wondering why I haven’t listed Aeris dying in Final Fantasy 7, it’s because I was more annoyed than saddened. I’d gotten her final limit break, and she gets herself stabbed. Hmph!

Fallout 4: My NPCs are hiding from me.

In a previous post, I mentioned that in Fallout 4, there was a pack brahmin stuck on the roof in Sanctuary. Well, it looks like it escaped. Or at least, replaced.

Fallout 4_20160121183539
The roof is the place to hang out.

Seems that the Vault Tec Rep and Preston Garvey are enjoying some chill out time there these days.

I have no idea what it is about this house that is causing this glitch. That said, I did actually need to talk to Preston about one of his never ending quests, so I had to get building:

Fallout 4_20160121183738
Stairway to Heaven. Or something.

I’m of two minds about keeping the stairs there. If Preston continues to be annoying, next time he gets stuck on the roof, maybe he should stay there.

Question prompted by Fallout 4

Why has no one bothered to clean up the skeletons?

They’ve obviously been there a while. I guess the inhabitants of Fallout world are very lazy.

Seriously, these skeletons have been around long enough that the radiation is making them rather active. I made a video of it here (and a Little Wicksy youtube channel especially!).

Someone should get on to this shenanigans. It’s unhygienic.